Our rose gold lotion bar will leave your temple ultra moisturized and with a beautiful golden glow.  Our rose-shaped lotion bar is infused with 3 types of gold shimmer and dusted with gold mica at the top to ensure an all-day golden glow! This lotion bar is not for the faint of heart. The warming scents from cocoa butter and vanilla will have you smelling and looking like a whole damn golden snack. 



2.3 oz lotion bar with Tin Container

Rose Gold | Lotion Bar

  • Gold has always been sacred. Whether it be in the form of the sun, jewelry, makeup, or ornaments; Gold symbolizes strength, enlightenment & divinity. Gold protects, illuminates, transforms energy. Not only will this lotion bar illuminate your natural Goddess form it will assist you in activating your Divine Feminine Energy. 

    Use: A little goes a long way with this ultra-moisturizing lotion bar. With your fingers, rub the top of your lotion bar to highlight your body for maximum glow or the bottom for a more subtle shimmer. This lotion bar will keep your body ultra-hydrated glowing like the Goddess you are.


    Melting & Stain warning: Our lotion bars are made to melt on skin contact so we highly recommend you keep it in a cool and dry location. Please be mindful of usage while wearing white clothing due to the high level of gold mica powder.  

  • Cocoa butter creates a warm chocolate scent with hints of vanilla and almond.

    Ingredients: Kokum Butter, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Coconut oil, almond oil, gold mica powder & essential oils.

    All ingredients are organic and made with Love, Intention, and Mana.

    *This Product is Vegan.