Cleanse your body and spirit with our Nazar Despojo Bar.  Curated specifically to wash away any unwanted energy you may have collected through the day.


Nazar is the Arabic term for the blue eye amulet/ bead that many of us wear to ward off the evil eye.  Despojo is a spiritual cleanse.



Your body is a temple, so treat it like one.


3.5 oz Soap Bar. Each order comes with 2 scrub bars.

Nazar Despojo | Scrub Bar

  • This despojo was made to turn your daily shower into a spiritual cleanse. Use in the day to create a protective shield or use in the evening to cleanse off the day.

    In a downward and counterclockwise motion begin to wash your body. In mystic practices, the counter-clockwise motion symbolizes banishing and cleansing. As you wash your body, take your time, and think of all the things you want to release from your mind, body, and spirit. 

    • Use it as a daily soap.
    • Use as part of your own cleansing ritual.

    Due to this being a scrub bar, we do not recommend using a loofah or wash rag.

  • Purifying notes of frankincense, myrhh, and lotus essential oil ensures to create a cleansing aroma to calm your mind and body. The calming blue color comes from the butterfly pea flower which is often used in botanical magic to assist in letting things go and creating space for transformation.  Just like the Nazar Amulet. 

    Ingredients: Pink Himalayan sea salt, dried rosemary, rose petals,  Florida water, Moon Water, Cascarilla, & Butterfly Pea Powder, shea butter soap, raw shea butter, Castor Oil. Essential oil blend of frankincense, myrhh, bergamot, lotus, and ylang-ylang. * Cascarilla is made from crushed eggshells. All ingredients are organic and made with Love, Intention, and Mana.


    Always test a small area on your skin to make sure you don't have any allergies. For external use only.