This powerful tool comes from native West African traditions and it's known to protect you from negative energies. Commonly used in African and Caribbean spiritual practices, this powerful tool is used to protect, cleanse, and purify your spirit and sacred space. 



Pack of 2 cups per order. 


  • Cascarilla can be used in many different ways. Before using it attune it to your energy by holding your hands and setting protective intentions.

    • Use it as chalk for personal protection sigils or runes.
    • Use it to dress a special candle.
    • Sprinkle it on your altar or crystal grid.
    • Sprinkle it in your garden or plants. 
    • Anoint yourself on your chakra centers to cleanse and awaken.
    • Rub it in your palms before leaving your home to keep you protected out here in these streets. 
  • The powder comes from crushed & grounded up eggshell that's compressed into chalk form.