Why select one botanical water when you can try them all?!


This bundle includes one of each of our botanical waters: Jasmine, Rose & Lavender in a purse-sized 2 oz amber glass bottle.  


Botanical Water Bundle

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  • Our Jasmine Botanical Water multiple uses:

    • Use a face toner for after you wash your face.
    • Use as a light perfume.
    • Spray on your pillows to enhance dreamwork.
    • Use during divination or meditation practice. Jasmine flowers have a history of being used as an important tool during divination and helping one connect to a higher realm.  
  • Our Botanical Waters are unique because we take the long and natural road. We seep organic flowers in charged full moon water for at least 3 hours. With a splash of witch hazel and essential oils, our waters make for great face toner, body mist, and aromatherapy.

    Ingredients: Moon Charged Water, Jasmine Flowers, Witch Hazel, Lavender Essential Oil. 


    All ingredients are organic and made with Love, Intention, and Mana.

    Always test a small area on your skin to make sure you don't have any allergies. For external use only.