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Triple Goddess (pt.3) The Goddess Girl Group

Updated: Jan 12

What does the word FATE mean to you? We have all heard the saying “when fate comes knocking.” But what does that really mean? Does fate manifest itself into a person the way death does as the grim reaper? In the Middle Ages, fate became synonymous with fairies. Such as fairy godmothers who appear and help you when the odds are against you or learn a lesson by offending a fairy godmother. In the fable of Sleeping Beauty, it is one of seven fairy godmothers ( who was all hot and bothered about being ignored by everyone) who decides to “gift” the infant princess with the fate that she will one day prick her finger on a spindle of a spinning wheel and die. Another fairy intervenes and switches up death with sleep for 100 years… and so goes the story.

If you Google the definition of Fate, the first one given is the development of events beyond a person's control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power.” the second definition is “the three goddesses who preside over the birth and life of humans.” So with that, allow us to introduce to you our first Goddess Girl Group;


The Moirai / The Fates

Become. Becoming. Shall-be

They were said to appear two days before someone’s birth to decide their fate. Zeus had the power to drive someone towards or away from their destined Fate, but it was the Moirai, who were the source of Fate itself. In Greek Mythology, humans have freedom to “select their own destiny” which means there may be some plans laid out, but it all depends on the decisions and actions made within that life. It makes me think about the scene in the movie Troy, where Achilles (Brad Pitt's) asks his mother whether he should go to Troy or not. His mother tells him that he was destined to be a great warrior and if he goes to Troy he will fulfill that destiny but he will never return home but the world will know his name. If he stays in Greece, he will have a family but time will forget his name. He had a choice on whether to fulfill his destiny as the great Achilles or not.

Clotho is the spinner. She spins the thread of life. She decided when people would be born and if they were saved or put to death. She made the big, fate altering decisions. So let’s say you were destined to be a great warrior, but at 19 years old, found yourself in a wrong place wrong time and about to die... Clotho would be the one to stop your death because you still had your destiny to fulfill. She is also the one who decided you’d be born in August and a Leo.

Lachesis is the appointer of life. She measured the length of each string, corresponding to the length of each person’s life. She also chose the fate of every person once the thread had been measured. One the day you were born, she is the one who gifted you the fate to be the great warrior with a 60 year lifespan.

Atropos, she who cannot be turned. She was responsible for cutting the string and ending life. She is like the Marines, she doesn’t ask any questions or make any last minute decisions, she just rolls in and gets the job done. That is why she is called the inevitable. Whether you have fulfilled your destiny as a great warrior, or disappointment the gods and your life shortened, it is of no concern to her (that’s what her sisters are for) Atropos just cuts the string.