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The Triple Goddess (pt 2) Artemis. Hathor. Hecate.

Updated: Jan 12

Last week in part one we spoke about the archetype of the Triple Goddess; Maiden, Mother, Crone; representing the three phases of womanhood. In part two we are going to share specific Goddesses, where they fall in the archetype of maiden, mother, crone and their story. There are TONS of Goddesses from a multitude of cultures and our intention is to expose ourselves and our community to as many different Goddesses and lines of spirituality so we all may create our own path.

Maiden - New Moon

The first translations of Virgin was maiden or “beholden to no man” aka single AF bitch! The Maiden is young, enchanting and carefree. You can find her skipping in the meadow, picking wildflowers and loving life. That is exactly what the Maiden Goddess Persephone was doing when Hades scooped her ass up, took her to the Underworld and made her his Queen. There are tons of Maiden Goddesses from Athena, Parvati and Eostre, and we will eventually get to those, however the Maiden Goddess we are going to start with is a Virgin Goddess with a feisty attitude:

Artemis, The Virgin Huntress

She is not the Goddess to fuck with. Her name means “pure” and she is known as the Virgin Huntress. She is similar to Snow White, roaming the forest caring for all its creatures. The only exception being, her friends weren’t dwarfs; they were a girl gang of woodland nymphs and she had a pack of hounds that will fuck you up on site. There is a myth that the hunter Actaeon saw Artemis bathing naked, so she turned him into a Stag (a male deer) and had her hunting dogs tear him to pieces. Then there is a story about Orion boasting how he was a better athlete than her, so she killed him for talking shit. It is clear that any man who offended Artemis met his death. She is a Moon Goddess and one of the three Greek Virgin Goddesses (the other two are Athena and Hestia). She helped her mother deliver her twin brother Apollo, the Sun God (Yeah, you read that right). She was born a few days before him, and in that time, while normal babies where learning how to latch, Artemis became skilled in childbirth and midwifery. All hail the Goddess.

Honoring the Goddess. Many festivals honoring the Maiden Goddess are celebrated during Spring. Rabbits and wildflowers are symbols of the Maiden. She is affiliated with nature, sexuality and chastity. Just because you aren’t giving it up doesn’t mean you aren’t desirable. Eostre was a Germanic Spring and Fertility Goddess. Her name and festival was appropriated into the Christian festival Easter, where she was celebrated during the fourth month of the year and honored with painted eggs. The Maiden Energy may be free and young but she is definitely in control. Artemis did not play with her chastity, and anyone who threatened it met execution. The New Moon is best used for rituals focused on setting goals (intentions), divination and attracting what is it you want to bring into your life.


Mother - Full Moon

When we hear Mother, we typically think of our Mother or Mother Earth. The archetype of the Mother is the oldest of time, because within any culture she is a central figure. Mothers are loving, nurturing and fierce as fuck. Demeter is the quintessential momma bear. Her daughter was Persephone, the Maiden who was kidnapped by Hades. When no one would tell the Goddess of