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The Sustainable Goddess; 11 ways to be eco-conscious ...

Updated: Jan 12

Today is Earth Day and it’s a great day to educate yourself, others, take action in shifting climate change, and start being more eco-conscious. It’s wonderful that we have a special day dedicated to our Earth, however, global warming doesn’t just get any better on April 23rd. Earth Day is every single day you are alive on this planet. We cannot reiterate that enough!

Even if you had nothing to do with what our parents did or did not do 20 something years ago or you feel like you as one person can’t make a difference, or for the ones who sadly just don't give a give a fuck.. Take a moment and really think about this perspective; in the physical plane and in the spiritual plane… We must be the generation that shifts this thinking because whether you like it not, our actions are impacting our planet's climate and it’s getting worse. So yes, one person can really make a difference because you are part of the collective consciousness if you're reading this.

If you use any elements from nature in your spell work, rituals, or regular daily life; from the sage used to smudge to the water used to bathe, then it is only right to be eco-conscious. As women connected to the divine feminine source, it is our responsibility to cater to our planet’s wellbeing. If we are the sentient beings advance enough to create and develop ideas for our own comfort and convenience, then we are the ones that need to take responsibility for the consequences.

As women, we have a lot in common with mother nature; from the power of our creative wombs to the history and current issues of exploiting virgin forests.

Most importantly as eclectic witches, we are the advocates for our Mama Earth. The women connected and working with their personal divine magic and who work with the elements, crystals/minerals, have planet babies, use palo santo, essential oils, flowers, incense or herbs. That means we are representatives! So why not be the best sustainable Goddess you can be?

We created a list in honor of our Mother Earth so you can start taking action today and hopefully every day after. This is a list is for anyone and everyone, not just for our fellow witches, healers, and women…. So please share it with others cause sharing is caring.


Establish an Animism relationship with nature.

What kind of relationship do you have with nature? Do you a relationship with her? Or him? Or it? Animism is the experience of having a relative relationship with a natural phenomena. An inanimate and/or intangible energy that is not human, like mountains, the ocean, a forrest, your house plants, or your cat. Take a moment and meditate outside in nature. Observe the wild life of the mini ecosystems in the city. Go you your local public park and instead of people watching do some nature watching.