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Goddess on a Budget : 5 Free and Simple Self-Care Rituals for the Everyday Goddess

Updated: Jan 12

So, firsts thing first...

Energy is free.

That force within and all around us that creates vibrations, frequencies, mana, magick, consciousness... whatever you want to call it, this energy is always present. You don’t have to buy it, you just gotta tune into into it. This is the main ingredient to any kind of ritual, meditation, ceremony, spell or any sacred act... This is our main ingredient and we all got it in us.

Understanding and accepting that you are a divine being that holds this energy, is the spark that lights your power to create, to heal, and to connect.

Use the Energy Available on Your Finger Tips

You can connect to this energy mentioned above through meditation, breathing, and masturbation.

Yes, masturbation can be a form of meditation and it works wonders! It’s great for releasing stress, boosting creativity, and with the right intention; manifesting divine awareness. Which is also called tantric masturbation.

The trick to masturbating as a form of a self-care ritual is to do it with an intention and treat it as a sacred act; something intimate and personal to you. You can create a unique ritual with any elements that are important to you. For example, my ritual consists of candles, bowls of water, music, and plants.


I light some tea candles, place 3 bowls of water around the room, bring in some of my plant sisters in the room (my potted plants that I have in my home), and play some meditative drums in the background. Element fire symbolizes energy itself and generates creativity and strength. With the energy of water comes constant movement and connection to emotions. The plants symbolize both element Earth and element air. They help with connecting to our source; our planet’s energy.