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Get to know your Chakras (pt. 2)

Updated: Jan 12

On this part 2 blog of the chakras we go over the heart chakra, which is the chakra that connects body and spirit. The last 3 chakras that follow are the spiritual chakras; the throat, the thirds eye, and the crown. You can read on the first 3 chakra here.

The Heart Chakra

Location : center of chest

Color : Green or Clear

Element : Air

Gemstones : Emerald, Tourmaline, green Jade, Mother of Pearl

Ruling Organs : Heart, lungs, shoulders and arms, ribs/breasts, diaphragm, and cardiovascular system

The fourth chakra is the heart chakra. Also known as Anahata is sanskrit which means unhurt or unstuck. The heart chakra is located on chest, right in the middle of the first three foundation (bottom) chakras and the last three spirit chakras (above). It is where the physical and spiritual meet; a gateway to higher awareness known as seat of consciousness. The energy of the heart chakra is depicted as green; a color that ties us to all living things which is associated with new life and natural surroundings – it is tranquil, yet energized and soothing yet vibrant. the energy produced by the heart chakra allows us to have meaningful relationships and to feel empathy, compassion, passion, forgiveness and caring for others. The heart chakra embodies love and ability to give and receive love.

Healthy Heart Chakra

The heart chakra's energy helps with overcoming separation and division. It is governed by the law of giving and receiving. A healthy heart chakra is being able to love unconditionally and be open to receive that love back. An open Heart chakra means you are in harmony with all that is around you and you are a very open, giving and loving person. You literally glow and radiate your inner peace and happiness because you understand that love involves giving selflessly, with no expectations of anything in return. However, every act of giving is simultaneously an act of receiving. A person with a balanced heart chakra is also able to forgive and accept others and themselves.

Imbalance in your Sacral chakra

The heart chakra governs the way we communicate empathy and compassion to ourselves and to other, therefore someone with a blocked chakra might experience more grief, anger, jealousy, fear of betrayal, and hatred toward themselves and/or others. There is this love and hate spectrum within the scale of the heart chakra. When the chakra is overactive a person might be clingy, lack boundaries, experience resentment, or be self-centered. On the other spectrum, characteristics for an under-active heart chakra are loneliness, unable to open to others, feeling grudge, unable to overcome grief, bitterness, hatred toward persons, or lack of forgiveness and compassion.

Some practices to help Heal your Anahata

First thing’s first; you have a choice. That’s your superpower. You can choose to feel the full on hurt, you can let it go or you can hold on to it. It’s not so easy to just stop feeling hurt, but the more aware you are of your heart chakra, the more you understand that the most powerful energy we have is love. Exercising forgiveness and empathy will help you let go of things and move forward from hurtful or tough experiences. Here are some tips to make ya feel better:

-Be aware of your emotions and honor compassion and empathy

-Set boundaries with people that do not reciprocate positive energy