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Get to know your Chakras (pt. 1)

Updated: Jan 12

The Chakra system is an eastern philosophy and alternative medicine for the spirit. They are essentially the 7 main energy disks that connect our spirit to our body. The Hindu religion regards them as stages of spiritual consciousness that we develop, starting from when we are born, throughout our life, and carried to old age.

Once you start to read on the Chakras and their purpose, you honestly start to get hooked. They are like the 7 astrological signs that define every aspect of your life. But the beautiful thing about it is that you have full control of them and you can unblock or align them if necessary. This eastern spiritual system is also really interesting because everything about it connects back your your experiences in life; the Chakras are developed and impacted by your upbringing, society, culture, faith/spirituality, and everything else in between.

They are similar to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, in the sense that we humans have fundamental necessities in order to survive. So because these energy fields are molded by humans' innate curiosity of the world and life, they essentially depict your human nature; your habits, your tendencies, your choices, your actions, everything really. And because they are developed over time, the Chakras are also distinct lessons (or levels) of understanding your personal and spiritual power.

They can be blocked, over stimulated or under stimulated. The purpose of them is to balance and align them. Why? Because they are tools that we have full access to and they assist in connecting us to our true divine self. They help us master the universe (our time and our space) in a harmonious and mindful way. When you take time to understands each Chakra and see how they affect you, you begin to understand why there is a blockage on an imbalance. Applying the healing practices, if necessary, essentially helps you connect of your physical body to your spirit.

The Chakras are aligned vertically on your body, starting from base of your spine (the tailbone) going upwards in the middle of the spine and continuing to your head (see image). As energy centers, they embody specific characteristics based on their body location. They rule different body parts, mental stages/phases, and of course like mentioned before life lessons. This part 1 of the blog will cover the first 3 main Chakras; Root, Sacral, & Solar Plexus. They are the foundation/base of the 4 other ones that follow.

The Root Chakra

Location : Base of spine

Color : Red

Element : Earth

Gemstones : Agate, Ruby, Garnet, Bloodstone, smoky quartz

Ruling Organs : Physical body support, base of spine, legs, bones, feet, rectum, immune system

Okay so this is where it all starts. The Root Chakra (spiritually correct term the Muladhara). It is the foundation of all the other Chakras that follow. It is impossible to heal any other chakra if the Root Chakra is neglected. We develop our root chakras when we are new lil humans in this world. It embodies stability, safety, and security. This developes through the way you are acknowledge in your tribe (your family). It’s that feeling you get when you know your tribe got your back no matter what. The purpose of the root chakra, just like it’s name, is to ground you. To keep you connected to home (our earth), but also the personal home. How stable do you feel? How do you feel about your will and ambition to survive and thrive? It’s how you identify within that first group you are placed in; which is your family.

So, because this is the very first chakra, it is important to pay attention this one before any other chakras. If