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Friday the 13th: Day of the Goddess

Updated: Jan 12

What is so frightening about Friday the 13th? Jason Vorhees didn't enter our lives until the 80s so what gives? Friday is just about EVERYONE'S favorite day; it introduces us to the weekend, and its pay day!

In the west, the number 13 has a really bad reputation and is simply deemed unlucky and dangerous. So much so, you will notice most buildings will skip floor 13 all together. But have you ever asked WHY?

Digging Deeper into the superstitions behind Friday the 13th

So lets talk about Friday...

In western culture we call it payday and on occasion has been called freaky but our favorite day of the week was named after the Goddess of Love. The Norse called her Frigg, who would later be assimilated with Freya and is where we get the word Friday from in English. The Spanish and French word for Friday are both derivatives of the Latin term Dies Veneris, which translates to Day of Venus, named after The Roman Goddess of Love. In African Yoruba practices, Friday is also sacred and dedicated to the Love Goddess Oshun. So whether you say it in English, Spanish or French, it all translates to her day.

In pre Judeo-Christian times, Friday was a day to celebrate the Goddess of Love. It was the day to embrace Love, Sexuality and Creativity. The practice of eating fish on Friday originated from pagan traditions where fish was eaten as an aphrodisiac and in honor of the Great Goddess who emerged from the Sea. This would later be adopted by the Christians who changed its meanings. Outside of Pagan traditions, in Hinduism Friday is seen as a very auspicious day. For Muslims and Jews Friday is the start of Sabbath. As Norse and Germanic tribes were converted to Christianity, Freya’s day was relabeled. The story was Freya was cast out to the mountains because she’s a witch. Every Friday she gathered with 11 other witches and the devil; renaming it “the witches sabbath".

Now technically, a few shitty things have happened on a Friday that contributed to this superstition.

  • Adam was tempted and cast out the Garden on a Friday

  • Jesus was crucified on Friday.

So maybe Friday just unlucky for men…? (we kid!)

Now, let’s talk about the number 13.

The number thirteen is a pretty fucking magical number. For us women, we also have a divine connection to the number that makes it special.

  • We have 13 menstrual cycles a year.

  • There are 13 Moon cycles in a year.

  • 13 is the number of the Divine Feminine.

  • Throughout history many of our calendars were based on the lunar cycle and had 13 months.

  • 13 is one of the numbers in the Golden Ratio.

  • Life is said to have 13 stages for the Egyptians.