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5 ways we can help save the Bees

Updated: Jan 12

We have all heard about it, read about it, and maybe even retweeted about it. The bees are dying, and it’s a big fucking deal. To keep it simple, bees keep our Earth green. They pollinate flowers and fruits to help guarantee new generations. By doing this, they are also helping guarantee the production of oxygen... you know, that whole CO2 conversion thing that plants do to provide breathable air. These plants also provide a healthy habitat for other types of animals that keep the circle of life going.

Bees are the one of the most important pollinators in the world.

  • Around 80% of US crops are dependent on honey bees.

  • Honey bees pollinate clover and alfalfa, which are used to fed cattle. So, No bees = No food for Cattle. No Food = No cattle. No cattle = No meat and milk products. So say goodbye to cheese, butter, milk, and all that.

  • If you’re vegan, you don't give a fuck about that but do you care about their life.

  • Even if a crop is not directly pollinated by a bee, the crop still benefits from being in an environment where the bee does their work.

Biodiversity = flourishing crops

The Birds, the Bees and Pollination.

It wasn’t until I was in my adult years did I finally understand why the sex conversation is called “the birds and the bees.” Truth be told, I didn’t understand and I didn’t care so I never asked... until one day it fucking clicked. Remember science class around the 5th grade? We learned all about the organs of a flower. The pistil, which contains the female parts and the stamen, which contains the male parts. A bird or bee lands on the flower and drinks its nectar; as this happens, he ideally helps get a little pollen from the male parts to move down to the female parts to fertilize the seeds hidden below inside the ovule (ovary). Or better yet, the bird/bee flies off to the next flower, does the same but this time, leaves a little pollen from the other flower behind to cross pollinate, which creates stronger plants. This is how generations of flowers, herbs, crops and other types of plants continue.

And that Ladies and Gents, was our first introduction to sex, and we didn't even know it. Well, at least I didn't. If for some reason you still don’t understand the urgency of saving the bees and the importance of their job as pollinators, I’ll give you one more antidote to meditate on. 40% of bee colonies died last year alone. 40 fucking percent. So now that I scared you a bit, let's get into how we can help our buzzy friends. Below are 5 ways anyone, anywhere can help save the bees for practically free.

Tip #1. Plant flowers anywhere and everywhere. Be your neighborhood friendly secret gardener.

Right now is the PERFECT TIME. Spring is upon us and gardening tools are in abundance. You can get seeds at the dollar store or Target for a very reasonable price, like a $1.00 a packet or less. So buy a few packs of wildflower seeds, bring a bottle of water and take a walk around your neighborhood and plant seeds in patches of public land or wasteland. Just scratch at the ground a bit, spread your seeds, cover with dirt, water and then let nature do its work. You’ll improve the neighborhood by adding beautiful and fun flowers to it and the bees will thank you for it by telling their bee friends. Find out how bees exchange yelp reviews on neighborhood gardens in the next tip. ⁣Next week o March 20th, is #plantaseedday "⁣a national campaign to get students, teachers and families to take a simple action to plant a seed. Click the link to read more and pledge your seeds!