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Apothetonica is an online shop for the awakening Goddess, created with the intention to turn your everyday routines into daily rituals. The shop contains natural and homemade products that are curated to enhance your spiritual practice.


Founded by Amanda Sanchez & Francesca de la Cruz, two eclectic brujas on a journey to connect others to the Divine Feminine. Being from the Caribbean, our spirituality is heavily influenced by their ancestral traditions, as well as a deep connection to the occult and metaphysical. With our unique outlook and spiritual path, we wanted to create a shop that honors our experience and can provide tools for women on a similar journey.  


We started The Goddess Project Co. in 2018 with a vision of creating an online platform to connect and share our journey with other like-minded women. Our mission is to provide sacred resources and tools to enhance your intuition, healing, and divine connection.

Learn more about the alchemy behind the products here.


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