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Apothecary & Botanica

Ritual beauty products and tools for the body and spirit. 

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Sacred Oils

Oils for your face, body and spirit.

Wear it on your crown, use it as aromatherapy, or as a moisturizer.

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Botanial Waters

 Purify your space, body, and spirit. Use these botanical waters for your alter, as a hair rinse or as a toner.

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Ritual Beauty Products with Intention
Turn your everyday self-care practices into daily rituals.
A divine merge of an apothecary and botanica where you can find ritual beauty products and tools for the everyday Goddess.
All of our body products are handcrafted with intention and enchanted with love and healing energy. Our mission is to share our magick and invite you to connect to
your divine energy and spirit. 

Learn more about the alchemy behind the products here.

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Every batch is made with healing, protective, and connecting intention.

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Every product is curated to nourish our spiritual path, our healing, and our connection to your divine energy & spirit.


Our skin & beauty products are handcrafted with organic and natural ingredients.

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Our mission is to create & package our products in the most sustainable way we can.  

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